2019 ATA Rising Star Award

During the Gala Dinner we were thrilled to continue a tradition new to the Australian Toy Association, the Rising Star Award, which recognises and celebrates the industry’s most inspirational young stars.

The Rising Star Award was open to individuals aged 40 or under who have made a significant contribution to a business over the past year. This could include their impact on a business’ culture, financial performance, or any other factor deemed valuable.

The winner of the 2019 ATA Rising Star Award was Alan Ngov of Headstart International.

Alan receives this award in recognition of his leadership skills and overall passion for the toy industry. He has been described as one of the most likeable, intelligent and hardworking people at HeadStart with an innate ability to breakdown issues and solve problems collaboratively. Responsible for a sales team of 7, Alan has exceeded his targets while also managing stock control.

Indeed, ATA Hall of Famer Fred Gaffney, describes Alan as a star of the future who is dedicated to learning, listening and travelling. Strong words from a legend of our industry.

Congratulations goes to Alan!DSC 5558