The Association’s mission is: “To represent and service members who specialise in products for children and family leisure, learning and entertainment”

In pursuit of this mission, the ATA aims to:

  • Promote uniform toy safety standards.
  • Promote the educational value of toys.
  • Encourage the manufacture and export of Australian-made toys.
  • Encourage creative toy design.
  • Reduce or eliminate barriers to trade.
  • Encourage respect for intellectual property rights.
  • Promote the year round sale of toys.
  • Act as a source of information. Improve the public image of the industry.
  • Communicate with members in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Provide members with additional effective service.
  • Conduct a successful and profitable Annual Toy Hobby & Licensing Fair.
  • The Association’s goals are to deliver information and services that enhance the performance of the toy industry as it serves the changing needs of the consumer – at an individual level, a national level and as a global industry.

Management of the Association

Management of the affairs of the Association lies in the hands of an elected Board of Directors. The Board comprises of individuals from member companies and these ATA Directors are elected by the membership.

A team of employed staff in central Melbourne administers the association.

Click here to download the ATA Constitution