ATA Charitable Foundation Ltd

ATA Charitable Foundation Ltd

The Australian Toy Association (ATA) recognises that Australian children have a diverse range of needs and provision must be made to assist them live healthy, happy and balanced lives.

Many children require special attention to assist them lead a life that many of us take for granted. Sometimes they need special medical attention and equipment. Sometimes all they need is extra love and attention.

The ATA is committed to helping as many Australian children as possible.

ATA Charitable Foundation Ltd (formerly Toy Charity Foundation of Australia)

The ATA Charitable Foundation Ltd (ATACF), a registered charity, is a trust of the Australian Toy Association (ATA) the sole representative body for the toy industry within Australia.

The ATACF was established in 2019 to coordinate all the fund-raising events organised by the ATA. Prior to this the toy trade had for many years raised money to buy wheelchairs and equipment for Australian children with special needs through the activities of the TCFA and Toy Trade Charity Fund. Indeed this latter fund had raised funds for a hospital for blind children in Bangladesh in 1979, the International Year of the Child.

To ensure maximum benefits flow through to the children, all administrative costs are met by the ATA, which means that all funds raised go directly to the causes supported by the ATACF. The charity makes donations direct to disadvantaged Australian children who require assistance with their education and health needs.

Fund-raising takes place throughout the year in the form of company donations and member activities such as golf days.

For further details and to request a submission form, please contact the ATA office on +61 3 9320 2600 or email us via

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