Annual Trade Fairs

The Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is held annually in Melbourne in March. With over 5,000 passes going through our doors, this really is the premier event of our industry and completes the circuit of worldwide trade Fairs.

ATA members benefit from a discounted exhibition rate for this Fair and only exhibitors at the Fair can enter the Product of the Year, Judges Choice and Kids Choice Awards.

The Sydney Mid-Year Fair is also held annually and exhibiting at this Fair is open to ATA members only. Taking place at the end of June / beginning of July, the event provides members with an extra opportunity to display their product to the market.

Safety & Standards

ATA Members are well represented in this arena. The ATA considers one of its most important duties is the promotion of the highest possible standards of safety in design and manufacture of children’s products.

The ATA works closely with regulatory authorities Federal and State on all issues of safety and standards and through this involvement ATA members are recognised as having a prime responsibility and commitment.

We keep members informed about developments and alerts in respect of Safety & Standards in both Australia and New Zealand.

The ATA is also a key participant in the ongoing development of the ISO Global Toy Standard (aligning standards worldwide) and with the Global Issues Taskforce within the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI).

We offer members a free Compliance query service as well as access to the Compliance Analyser tool which was developed to simplify the determination of requirements applicable to specific products.


The ATA represents the interests of the toy industry on several levels addressing issues and commercial problems which could have a profound effect on the toy business. Nationally, the ATA monitors government regulation and participates in submissions on relevant issues. The ATA is involved in a variety of business forums representing the views of its industry sectors. Federal & State Governments and authorities also recognise the ATA as the first port of call on issues relating to toys and kids products. Internationally the ATA is a member of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) and the Asian Council of Toy Industries (ACTI). The ATA actively participates in these forums.

Value of Play

The ATA is dedicated to promoting the Value of Play (VOP) to the industry and community at large. Play is essential for the healthy development of children cognitively, emotionally and physically. Our website and social media channels communicate this message and our objective is to be the first point of contact for media on behalf of our members, for all things play.

Logo Identification

The ATA logo is the recognised industry symbol. Its effective use provides Members with tangible evidence of their industry participation. Members are provided with a decal to use at their place of business and also have access to an electronic version for use on business stationery etc.

ATA Website – Member Only Area

The ATA’s website is a key communication medium and provides a public face for the ATA in an e-enabled society. It also provides an excellent business tool for members through use of the member only area.

Within the member portal you would have access to:

  • Industry Reports
  • Safety & Compliance information
  • Safety & Compliance Analyser
  • Webinar Archives
  • Exclusive Member Benefits & more

ATA Member Benefits / Service Partners

Our Members have exclusive access to a broad range of services including insurance, freight, logistics, toy testing and inspections and credit reporting and a host of other commercial resources dedicated to expert advice.

Member Resourcing, Assistance and Publications

The ATA acts as a primary information resource for members through monthly newsletters and regular EDM’s.

The ATA also publishes a Compliance Grid, for ATA members only, which outlines the Australian and New Zealand Standards applicable to ATA members’ products.

Industry Data

The ATA provides key industry data that assists members in decision making for their business. This includes retail and consumer buying habits both locally and globally as well as trends and forecasts from experts and leaders in this area.

Export Network

The ATA stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the prime activity for the ATA’s Export Network.

Public Relations and Promotions

The ATA has an important role to play in the promotion of a positive image of its industry sectors. We are top of mind as the leading spokesperson for the industry and the annual awards program at Toy Fair garners media interest for what’s hot in the Toy Biz.

The Australian Toy Association Charitable Foundation Ltd

The ATA is committed to helping as many Australian children in need as possible.

The Australian Toy Association Charitable Foundation Ltd was established to coordinate the fund-raising events organised by the Australian Toy Association.

The ATACF aim to assist Disadvantaged Children achieve better health and education outcomes.

Sustainability & Circular Economy

The ATA leads a committee on sustainability where the aim is to source industry wide solutions that assist in a circular economy for toys. By working together, we believe that this is more achievable than tackling such an important issue independently. Through sustainable manufacturing and end of life recovery programs, ATA members will therefore assist in a sustainable future for generations to come.