ATA Member Forum

ATA Member Forum

The Australian Toy Association Member Forum

The ATA member forum was implemented during COVID to offer the membership opportunities to still connect while we were all having to keep physically separated.

Within the ATA Member Forum, there are several communities where Members can share ideas with like-minded people like the Toy Hub community, the Members Only community, the Safety and Compliance community, and the Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair community.

These communities give Members the opportunity to network with manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, licensing companies, retailers and suppliers of the toy industry.

Other resources that are available on the ATA Member Forum are the Job Board, the Events listing, and the Directory, as well as new features being the Engagement Leaderboard and the Poll survey.

We have created some user-friendly tutorials below for you, our Members, to assist you in getting connected with your fellow industry peers today:

This Forum is free for all ATA Members.

To login, click here and choose the Did You Forget Your Password link, enter your respective email address and you will then receive an email to reset your password.

We hope to see you getting connected soon!

ATA Member Forum