Sustainability Project

The ATA, with support from the sustainability committee Big W, Connetix, Hasbro, Headstart, Kmart, The LEGO Group, Mattel, Modern Brands, Moose, Vtech and Woolworths, as well as Sustainability Victoria (SV) and the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC), undertook a research project into the flow of toys through the Australian economy.

The aim was to identify the quantities and types of toys that are imported, the material make-up of those products and the path they take from import to end of life. This would further advise on how our industry can collaborate on solutions for both the design of toys as well as what happens to these products when they are discarded.

Toys are critical to the value of play for children all around the world and by working towards circular economy solutions, we as an industry can also safeguard a future for generations to come.

This is the first time this type of project has been undertaken in Australia and the knowledge gained can provide an understanding of potential solutions for not only the toy industry but consumers and other stakeholders.

Thank-you to other supporters of this project being Equilibrium, The NPD Group, Save the Children, Charitable Recycling Australia and other Stakeholders who provided guidance.

You can view the sustainability project presentation HERE.