Value of Play

Value of Play

Play is universal; it is an essential part of growing up. Through play children hasten their own development while they learn about the world around them. Toys are vital to your child’s development. Play is children’s work and toys are their tools.

In order to promote the Value of Play to the Australian public, the ATA has launched a campaign to encourage Australian parents to consider the Value of Play when purchasing toys for their children.

The campaign has been developed to enlighten parents to the importance of play in children’s development both socially and educationally and will include a TV community service announcement and media campaign to drive awareness.

Psychologist and author, Jodie Benveniste has been introduced as an ambassador for the Value of Play campaign and has provided us and the media with a range of insights and tips around the Value of Play. 

View the TVC here

“Play isn’t simply a pass-time. It’s a crucial part of a healthy childhood.”

     ~Jodie Benveniste



Why Play is Important 

Play is the way children learn. Children with access to a wide range of well-selected toys are more likely to be challenged and stimulated. Studies find that they reach higher levels of intellectual development, regardless of their sex, race or social class.
Toys that stimulate mental development:

  • are appropriate for the child’s abilities,
  • are responsive to the child’s movements, and
  • provide feedback when manipulated

Whether playing alone or with others, quietly or with enthusiasm, play is the way children explore their world and create imaginary ones.