International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI)

Code of Business Practices Revised June 8, 2001  

The Australian Toy Association, as a member of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI), is a signatory to the ICTI Code of Business Practices Revised December, 2010. ICTI is an association of associations and is committed on behalf of its member organisations to the operation of toy factories in a lawful, safe, and healthful manner. It upholds the principles that no underage, forced, or prison labor* should be employed; that no one is denied a job because of gender, ethnic origin, religion, affiliation or association, and that factories comply with laws protecting the environment. Supply agreements with firms manufacturing on behalf of ICTI members must also provide for adherence to these principles.
The role of ICTI is to inform, educate, and survey its members so that individual member companies can adhere to its Code of Business Practices. As an association, it also acts to encourage local and national governments to enforce wage and hour laws and factory health and safety laws. 



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* Many countries recognise that prison labor is essential to the rehabilitation process. This provision prohibits the exportation of prison-made goods to countries that prohibit or restrict the importation of such goods.